Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Combating boredom

So Apollo has been given a nibble net for his hay, a milk jug horse toy, and several long walks.   I'm hoping this helps to cure the boredom!!

As far as the nibble net goes, I am pretty sure that's working as designed.  He's having to work harder to eat, and he's already doing the problem-solving involved in getting the most hay in the quickest manner possible from the torturous device.  :)   He figured out how to stick his nose in the top, then I rearranged the net, then he found a workaround, and I've rearranged the net again.  This is the goal!  Busy pony.

It also seems that Apollo is a player-with-toys.   :)   I caught him nosing at the milk jugs more than once, and he seems to find swishing them with his tail amusing.   Let's hope this interest lasts.

Long walks ... I'd been wondering why my ankles and Achilles tendons were so sore lately.  It occurred to me that taking long walks in deepish sand while wearing less than supportive shoes might be causing this.    Yep, after this morning's walk it's certain.   Sigh.   Oh well.   We'll keep walking.  In the sand.     Apollo needs more and more walking as he feels better, so walk we shall.

Tonight, more pony care, then gym, then dollar tacos with Little Rhett's owner, who's on her own for a week.  :)  Fun!   Nice to have more horse friends, always.


  1. Uhg trying to entertain your horse when you're not there is no easy task. Here's all I got for ideas: Jimmy hanging ball, multiple types of salt blocks, soccer ball, traffic cone, and as much hay as possible. For when you are there, in addition to walking you may want to take some time to work on trick training. It builds their confidence, strengthens your relationship, and stimulates their minds.

    1. Oh yes. We have been working on all kinds of playing ... no-hands walking with me, stay when told to stay, no-hands turn on the forehand, lift this foot, then that foot, etc. I would teach him to bow, but not until we have a better heal on that wound. :)