2012 goals

* Continue working Reveille's lateral submission, to include straightness.

* Continue working on consistent contact and correct outline: be able to maintain outline without draw reins by spring.

* Ride in at least 3 Test of Choice nights

* Score 35% or better on Beginner Novice dressage tests in TOC nights

* Volunteer for at least 3 dressage shows

* Compete in 2 Event Derbies at Intro to Beginner Novice or Beginner Novice

* Become confident at riding banks

* Work on riding ditches - Rev is ditchy, so this will be a work in progress, I think. Get MT's help in this process as necessary.

* Compete in Beginner Novice at Golden Spike; complete event without elimination

* Compete in Beginner Novice at our unrecognized horse trials; complete event without elimination

* Stretch goal: Compete in Beginner Novice at a recognized fall event, Twin Rivers maybe, or Aspen; complete event without elimination

Further goals as events warrant. :)