2010 Goals - updated

Really, all of this is dependent on money and progress.  But, here it is:

  • Ride in each Test of Choice night (April-September) Not achieved. I did scribe for most of them, though, and learn a lot. The ones I did ride in went mostly well.
  • Ride USDF Training Level, test 1 and USEF Beginner Novice tests A and B in Test of Choice nights successfully Partially achieved. Forwarding to this year.
  • Start jumping!!!
  • Compete in Event Derby Cross Rails classes at minimum, preferably Intro to Beginner Novice Cross Rails done and succeeded. Intro, no. This year.
  • Participate in each pre-derby jumping clinic
  • Join IDEA and earn end-of-year award Er, no. Forwarding to this year. Turns out I don't need to be an IDEA member to get a high point award for the derbies. :)
  • Have MT take Reveille to off-site show No, because I did it myself!
  • Take Reveille to off-site show myself, with no mishaps
  • Get Reveille flexible and supple laterally In progress. Much much better.
  • Begin process of longitudinal suppling Also in progress, with great success.

I'd like to talk to MT or TW about this, but ... I don't know if I can, really.  We'll see.