Monday, March 24, 2014

Drive-By Updating

Life is getting better. I don't have a computer at home, just an ipad, so that's why there have been no updates lately. :) So a brief update from work while I wait for a call to come in: Apollo is awesome. I need to ride more often - I'm back on it, but let's make this a habit. My Teacher is the bestest -- I had TWO lessons this last week, woohoo! The exercise was a difficult one, bounces on a curved line, and I learned a lot about keeping Apollo straight and on the line, using my eye very carefully and deliberately, and we decided that Apollo needs lots more grid work, preferably at a little bit of a height that will make him respect the fences. He sure sharpened up when MT put the barely-there rails up some! I need the work too, to learn exactly how to put him where I want him and what exactly the right position feels like. More more more! Show season is a-comin! There won't be much for me this year beyond local stuff, I think -- there's an outside chance I'll make Golden Spike, but only a small one. But definitely the horse trials and derby at home, and hopefully some jumper shows around here too. Moar satin for the satin god! Back to work -- love to all!!