2011 Goals - updated!

Well, 2011 is mostly over, but it's never too late. My goals at this point are somewhat changed, after the snarls at Rafter K this year. Which is okay.

* Work Reveille's contact with the bit so that it's second nature for us both. Do this through the consistent, steady contact with the outside rein, bending inside, sitting correctly on my seatbones, and encouraging her to move forward into the contact. Maintain contact in all three gaits. Transitions a plus. ;)

We continue to work with this, and we've made quite a bit of progress. I think she really likes the new Danger bit and the mullen mouth I have her in for dressage, and the draw reins are helping teach her how to go. I can get some of the same contact and outline without the draws now -- not a lot, but some! -- and I think we're improving a lot. I consider this a success.

* Continue to work lateral suppleness. Get smooth changes of bend in the T-3 dressage test, in the HXK/MXF loops.

Again, this is a work in progress, but I am very happy with said progress. I think we can successfully do those loops in competition next year, or at least in Test of Choice nights. I call this achieved too.

* Continue to take jumping lessons -- be comfortable jumping 2'6-2'9, maybe 3' by the end of the year.

Although we've continued to take jumping lessons and I'd be comfortable jumping 2'6 on a good day, we haven't hit 2'9 or 3' yet. I need to keep working on my position and my Riding to the fence. I capitalize Riding because it involves so much more than just sitting in the saddle and waiting. Not that any of you need to be told that, but ... yknow. So this is a qualified win. We'll keep at it!

* If there's a last Derby at home, ride in it and place. If there isn't, don't worry about it.

There wasn't. So I didn't worry about it. We're having an unrecognized horse trials at home next August -- I am SO THERE. I hope to run BN. Matterafact, I hope to run BN at Golden Spike next summer, but we'll see. That's kind of a stretch goal, as the corporate world would put it. If we're ready, we'll go. If not, I won't stress about it. There's always 2013. :)

* Volunteer for at least one more dressage show. (Done: Regionals in September; I'll be scribing.)