Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So there's not a heck of a lot of news to report.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I guess there's some, but I'm still processing, I guess.

Gator isn't going to work out.  Bummer, but for the best.  I don't want him to hurt, and I don't want to have a horse I can't ride.  Poor guy.  I want him to have the perfect home.  I really felt like we clicked when I got on.  I haven't felt that with another horse yet, but ...

I rode a TB I quite liked the other day, Apollo's Double.  He's youngish -- 8 -- and tallish -- 15.3 -- but a very nice guy.  Very mellow and willing.  He reminded me of a horse we have at the barn called Speedy, who's just sweet.  Apollo hasn't done any jumping in the last 3 years or so, but he's gone Novice in the past, when a friend owned him.   His dressage is pretty good, though he's stiff to the left and needs work on balanced transitions, and his gaits are lovely.  Nice natural overtracking walk, lots of trot, and a nice canter.  I didn't feel too small on him, and I didn't feel unsafe.  He did give the giant horse-eating farm machinery the hairy eyeball a few times, kind of testing me, but we were fine.

I really got the feeling that I could ride this horse and ride him well.  The question is whether he'll jump well.  His owner doesn't have any jumps at her place, so I'm planning to bring him home on a week trial, see how he does in a new place, jumping in the arena, and jumping in the field.   If he's a good, safe jumper and doesn't spook me, I might very well buy him.

Though I do wonder.  Should I be looking for the same kind of horse Gator is?  I think I'll know pretty quickly if Apollo is the right horse when I jump him and ride him at home.   If I am concerned about him jumping cross-country, then no deal.   But if he's willing and forward, it could very much work.   I guess I think about the way I felt when I rode Gator -- like "okay, we can totally do this, let's go and jump!" -- and am wondering if Apollo will feel the same way to me.  I'm hoping so.

But of course, I'm second-guessing myself.  Should I be taking more time, waiting for the horse that just knocks me over with how perfect-for-me it is?   Should I not be expecting rainbows and hosannas from the right horse; will it take more than one ride?    I totally want to get back on Apollo and ride him more, ride him at home, in a way I know to ride, and spend some time with him really getting to know him.   Is that what right is?    I felt like Apollo and I could "talk," if you know what I mean.  Like there was communication and a sort of accord there, a beginning.   Whereas with Gator it felt like he was on board with my plan automatically, whatever the plan was.   With Apollo, he's on board, but he's not a thousand percent sure of me yet.  But he could get there.

So we'll see.  I think a trial is the right thing.   I don't think he'll have any soundness issues -- I sure didn't feel any or see any, whereas I could with Gator, even though he worked out of the stiffness.   I'm looking forward to getting him home.   Which really ought to answer any questions.  :)

Here's a video of him -- mostly his current owner riding him on the flat and his previous owner jumping him at a derby at our barn.   Apollo's Double

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Boosting the signal - CA readers!

Hey California readers!   TED's -- Teacher's Eldest Daughter's -- truck was stolen in Stockton, CA this morning.  It was stolen from a gas station outside the fairgrounds at about 5 AM.  

If you see a Ford F350 dually crew cab that looks like this (pretty distinctive!), please call Stockton police or CHP right away!   Idaho license plate is 2C G303T -- Idaho plates are red, white, and blue (see picture).

Here's what an Idaho plate looks like:

Friday, August 17, 2012

Super brief.

Well, I've come out of the anxiety space -- whether this is due to quitting caffeine or just getting over it, I'll take it.  I think poor Gator isn't going to be a go.   I hope he finds a perfect loving home.

New fleecy boots arrived, yay!  Pictures later.

Trying another TB on Monday, and very interested in seeing how it goes.  This has potential.

Now, jetting off to Portland to hang with friends and do nothing horsey at all.   Except tack shop maybe.  :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Not yet

There are still some things I can try. I will talk to people and ask some things and see what can happen. Excelsior.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Still in holding pattern

As the title indicates, I'm still holding when it comes to Gator.  I think the best way we're going to be able to get him here is going to be when MT, TD, Katie, and all, as well as TSB's barn, go to Aspen in the first week of September.  It's sounding like at least one of the associated trailers will be able to pick him up and bring him down.  

Gigi has also kindly offered me the use of her half draft mare, Sunny, until Sunny goes to Nevada and to Gigi's granddaughter.   I'm excited about this!   Gigi is seriously one of the kindest people I know.  And she has the sweetest horses.  :)  The first thing I did when I knew I was selling Rev was ask if Gigi had a horse she thought would work.  Heh.  She doesn't, but borrowing Sunny for a while would be wonderful.  Sunny is a complete packer, the sort of horse that will take care of her rider to the ends of the earth and do so with the sweetest attitude.  So I need to catch Gigi on the phone and see what we can work out.  

Of course, I want to JUMP RIGHT IN and ride/take lessons, but this coming weekend I'll be in Portland, and there are chores at ME's to consider.   Seriously, I suddenly understand why people who have horses at home don't have time to ride.   It's really been pleasant to help out at her place, too. Not only do I get to care for horses, but I get to hang out with friends.  :)   Every time I hit a rough patch, it's ME who sends me a thoughtful email and reminds me that I'm not alone.   It's good to be able to return the favor.    (Plus, I always go home with amazing garden produce!  I think I'm coming out ahead on this deal!  I have made some amazing dinners with those veggies and herbs and beef!)

Also, the FLTS had the first weekend of its semiannual sale this last weekend.   I've sworn that if something has a size and goes on a horse, I won't buy it yet.  However ... I did buy a Happy Mouth double jointed D ring snaffle.  :)   I figure it'll fit whatever horse, unless someone has a weird mouth size, and even then, I can sell it if I need to.   I picked up a very snazzy Equine Couture polo in black, a duffel bag in the brightest yellow and blue I have ever seen, and a pair of 5" stirrup irons.   Mad phat lewt.   Add that to the Valena boots I ordered from Adams (which also fall into the category of "will fit any horse I get therefore is a good deal") and the stirrup pads I ordered (FLTS doesn't carry 5" pads, oddly) and I have some fun stuff to look forward to using.  :)

 I'll spare you all the rest of the chatter in my brain.  I think that's all the most important stuff on my mind so far.  :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Actual content

I'd like to sell the brown, horse size Micklem competition bridle I bought from TSB a while ago.  If you know anything about TSB (or about me, for that matter), you know that the bridle has been well cared for!   It's in great shape.

Anyone interested?

Here's Reveille modelling it:

So very bored on XC

Even looks good on a sweaty winter mare!

In lieu of actual content

Not much to report today, obviously.  Hot hot hot here.

So in lieu of pictures or anything cool, I present a haiku.  I posted this on Facebook already, so it's old news for some people, but ... I'm kind of proud of it.  The actual-haiku muse occasionally visits me; yknow, the one who inspires real, not silly, haiku.  Haiku with a kigo -- a seasonal word -- and a sense of cutting and juxtaposition.   The junk haiku muse lives in my closet, but I try to keep her quiet.  ;)   Anyway, this is horse-related, so here you go:

Hoofbeats come closer
Parched alfalfa, sweat, and dust
I am very small

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


A couple of thoughts on my lunch break:

  • I was going to scrap the TOC tomorrow -- too hot to ride tonight, too late to ride yesterday (plus I left my barn-clothes bag at home, doh!), probably sweltering tomorrow too.  Then I discovered that it's cancelled for this month, so I don't have to worry about backing out. ;)   Maybe next month I'll drag little Rhett out into the arena!   
  • Incidentally, I didn't connect little Rhett with the new mare we have in the barn ... Scarlet.  When Rhett's owner pointed that out, I quite literally went "oooh!" and fluttered my hands in front of my mouth.  :)  Squee, how perfect!
  • While I was scribing for showjumping on Saturday, Wendy Wergeles and I were chatting between riders and fences.  I mentioned that I'm a tech writer but would rather have been gifted with physical skills instead of the intellectual ones I got.  I'd rather ride like MT than be amazing at languages like me.  I found her response interesting and appropriate, and I was so glad I had an answer for her.  She said "Well, what are you doing to make that happen?"  Very good point, ma'am!   My response was "Taking lessons, exercise, fitness, hanging around and absorbing information, and doing things like this to learn from the ground."   *nodnod*  And formally working on my emotional/fear issues, too.  And selling my horse to get one I can learn better on.   I think I'm pretty well invested in this improvement business.  :)   She asked me if I was familiar with Daniel Stewart -- yes!  I have his book and find it very useful!   Confirmation: Doing The Right Thing.   *beam*
  • Helping out at ME's place while she's recovering from an injury has been wonderful.  I'm really enjoying doing horse chores, and her horses are nice, nice beasts.  :)   
  • Things like supplements and feeding are occupying several of my brain cycles lately.  I'll go into more detail later.
  • FLTS fall sale this coming weekend!  Squee!
  • Oh, and what're the nice tack shops in Portland, OR?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

What's the rumpus?

Spent all day yesterday scribing for the unrecognized horse trials at home - got to see TSB, KR, Katie, iluvbandit, and all my favorite folks put in good dressage tests and show jump rounds. I had planned on jump judging today for xc, but my stomach had other plans for me. I am dying to know how all the classes came out! Stupid stomach.

Next week I think I'll take little Rhett in the Test of Choice night! We'll do Intro A twice and not expect miracles. Just for fun and to get little Rhett some experience in the arena. I think it'll be fun fun fun.

As for the horse shopping, while I'm waiting to sort things out with getting Gator down here, I'm going to try some other horses. There's a thoroughbred close by who might work - Royal.. Expensive, but we'll see. A friend knows him, and TW and MT have seen him, so he's not a mystery. Trying him on Thursday.

I'm also going to try a few Appaloosa sport horses; I'm hoping this weekend. They're out at Jumper's Appaloosas, and I'm excited to get out there. Leopard spots aren't on the docket, unfortunately, and maybe not even spots, but I do love the breed.

Exciting days, folks. :)

Also, some pictures of me (in an unflattering shirt) riding little Rhett last week! I have no idea how this app will post pictures, but here goes:

A nice trot in the indoor.  He's being polite.
Nope, I promise he won't notice that there are two rails
instead of one.  :)
A second pass at a free walk ... I got some change this time.
And apparently gained a new spare tire or two, ugh.
Trot trot trot.  Good boy.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Clear to proceed to the next step.

Got the preliminary okay from Idaho Equine.  *beam*   He's a risk, but not a glaring one; the risks that the vet sees are risks that I am prepared for.   We're not thoroughly clear yet, but we're closer.

So, I'm going to arrange getting Gator down here so I can take him into the vet and have some additional radiographs done and have the vet here look at his hind end.    I anticipate hock injections, massage/chiropractic/bodywork, and a change in farriering in the immediate future.   In the immediate and long-term future, lots of conditioning and turnout and correct riding.  (Which I will attempt.  The riding, I mean.  I will do my best.  :) )

I'm this much closer to exploding with squee.  I'll explode with squee if and when a bill of sale is signed and money handed over.   :D

And then, of course, I'll get down to work!

Just in case you forgot who we're talking about.
Poor sweaty red guy!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

And now we wait.

PPE report from a vet in Gator's area and radiographs from 16 months ago have been sent to Idaho Equine for consultation.

I am being zen about waiting.