Sunday, August 5, 2012

What's the rumpus?

Spent all day yesterday scribing for the unrecognized horse trials at home - got to see TSB, KR, Katie, iluvbandit, and all my favorite folks put in good dressage tests and show jump rounds. I had planned on jump judging today for xc, but my stomach had other plans for me. I am dying to know how all the classes came out! Stupid stomach.

Next week I think I'll take little Rhett in the Test of Choice night! We'll do Intro A twice and not expect miracles. Just for fun and to get little Rhett some experience in the arena. I think it'll be fun fun fun.

As for the horse shopping, while I'm waiting to sort things out with getting Gator down here, I'm going to try some other horses. There's a thoroughbred close by who might work - Royal.. Expensive, but we'll see. A friend knows him, and TW and MT have seen him, so he's not a mystery. Trying him on Thursday.

I'm also going to try a few Appaloosa sport horses; I'm hoping this weekend. They're out at Jumper's Appaloosas, and I'm excited to get out there. Leopard spots aren't on the docket, unfortunately, and maybe not even spots, but I do love the breed.

Exciting days, folks. :)

Also, some pictures of me (in an unflattering shirt) riding little Rhett last week! I have no idea how this app will post pictures, but here goes:

A nice trot in the indoor.  He's being polite.
Nope, I promise he won't notice that there are two rails
instead of one.  :)
A second pass at a free walk ... I got some change this time.
And apparently gained a new spare tire or two, ugh.
Trot trot trot.  Good boy.


  1. just ate my comment. I am so happy you are thinking about an Appy. I think a sensible horse who will try his or her heart out for you is a great way to go. I know you are still thinking about Gator, but if some adorable spots come your way you know I will be thrilled! I miss my Phoenix so I could live through you!

    1. It ate an entire entry earlier, so you're not alone! I adore Appys! I get some flak for it around the barn, but I love their temperaments and of course I love the spots!! :)