Monday, August 13, 2012

Still in holding pattern

As the title indicates, I'm still holding when it comes to Gator.  I think the best way we're going to be able to get him here is going to be when MT, TD, Katie, and all, as well as TSB's barn, go to Aspen in the first week of September.  It's sounding like at least one of the associated trailers will be able to pick him up and bring him down.  

Gigi has also kindly offered me the use of her half draft mare, Sunny, until Sunny goes to Nevada and to Gigi's granddaughter.   I'm excited about this!   Gigi is seriously one of the kindest people I know.  And she has the sweetest horses.  :)  The first thing I did when I knew I was selling Rev was ask if Gigi had a horse she thought would work.  Heh.  She doesn't, but borrowing Sunny for a while would be wonderful.  Sunny is a complete packer, the sort of horse that will take care of her rider to the ends of the earth and do so with the sweetest attitude.  So I need to catch Gigi on the phone and see what we can work out.  

Of course, I want to JUMP RIGHT IN and ride/take lessons, but this coming weekend I'll be in Portland, and there are chores at ME's to consider.   Seriously, I suddenly understand why people who have horses at home don't have time to ride.   It's really been pleasant to help out at her place, too. Not only do I get to care for horses, but I get to hang out with friends.  :)   Every time I hit a rough patch, it's ME who sends me a thoughtful email and reminds me that I'm not alone.   It's good to be able to return the favor.    (Plus, I always go home with amazing garden produce!  I think I'm coming out ahead on this deal!  I have made some amazing dinners with those veggies and herbs and beef!)

Also, the FLTS had the first weekend of its semiannual sale this last weekend.   I've sworn that if something has a size and goes on a horse, I won't buy it yet.  However ... I did buy a Happy Mouth double jointed D ring snaffle.  :)   I figure it'll fit whatever horse, unless someone has a weird mouth size, and even then, I can sell it if I need to.   I picked up a very snazzy Equine Couture polo in black, a duffel bag in the brightest yellow and blue I have ever seen, and a pair of 5" stirrup irons.   Mad phat lewt.   Add that to the Valena boots I ordered from Adams (which also fall into the category of "will fit any horse I get therefore is a good deal") and the stirrup pads I ordered (FLTS doesn't carry 5" pads, oddly) and I have some fun stuff to look forward to using.  :)

 I'll spare you all the rest of the chatter in my brain.  I think that's all the most important stuff on my mind so far.  :)


  1. Well, since you're coming to Portland anyway, you should totally LOOK AT THIS CRAZY COLORED thing:

    or this one, he is red and cute:

    I love shopping for not me! :)

    1. Crazy colored? She's ADORABLE! Dun is pretty. :) The muscle on the underside of her neck suggests she's not much of a round dressage goer ... but she's cute!!

      The red guy ... where have I seen this ad before? Maybe Dreamhorse? He's definitely cute!! Cute gaits in the photos. I don't care about the Secretariat bloodlines, but he looks like he could get it done. :)

      Sadly, I am not doing any horse shopping on this trip -- tack shopping is allowed, but not horse shopping.

    2. Well that's exciting! Tack is so much more fun to shop for! I like to accessorize. Hopefully you find some good stuff! It's state fair this weekend so if you find you're bored, we'll all be there! :)

      I do love that red guy. I love all the reds!

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