Wish List: ELF UPDATE!

Just, yknow, stuff.

The Cheaper Stuff:
  • New straps for horselovers.com petal boots.  :)  Mine broke after six months or so, so need new straps!  Could also use extra straps for the Westropp brand petal boots.
  • Sweatshirts to wear while riding
  • New Mittleider Eventing ballcap, shirt, etc - contact T-Shirts Plus at the Boise Towne Square Mall; they have the logo on file.  (208) 322-1118
  • Nice brushes
  • Summer riding socks, something like Zocks
  • Smartwool or similar merino wool boot socks; the Costco trail socks are great -- thin, to fit under boots in the fall, winter, and spring
  • Pinney holder
  • A royal blue and white lead rope to keep clean for show: http://www.smartpakequine.com/big-d-custom-nylon-braided-lead-6523p
  • A brush BAG, rather than box, to keep stuff together at shows
  • Blanket bag, saddle pad bag, et cetera -- to keep stuff together at shows!

Rather More Expensive Stuff:

Really Expensive Stuff: