Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bored now

My poor horse is officially bored. After ten days of stall rest, I think he's ready for something new. He's not crazy or explosive or anything, but ... when I got to the barn this evening, I was greeted with this: "So I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your perfect horse is learning to crib."

"Oh no ... no, nuh-uh ... really? Gah."

Pony is officially bored. Sigh. I walked him for 40 minutes this evening, both in the indoor and outside for a while, over some ground poles and onto the grass. (That was funny - he pulled at that grass like he was starving.) I am going to have to think up some entertainment for him. Maybe I'll hang the nibble net and keep the hay out of the pee spots in the stall at the same time.

I want to turn him out, but a) logistically that doesn't really work and b) he's officially on stall rest for the rest of the week. Poor pony.


  1. Bugger. Hopefully the week just flies by for both of you.

  2. Get a milk jug with a screw top and drill holes in the bottom. Toss a handful of grain in there and as he plays with it the grain will fall out. It should keep him amused for at least a little while. Gen loved having a shatter proof mirror when he was on stall rest. He would just look at himself all day. I also used an old tube sock tied to the bars of his stall with a tennis ball in it. He loved to grab it and move it around with his nose.

    1. That's exactly what we have -- he's got two milk jugs hanging now to play with! Hehe. The tube sock and tennis ball is a great idea too! I'm just hoping he heals quickly so I can get him turned back out again.