Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Phase 2 of Getting Apollo Healthy

Phase 1 was getting him shod.   Phase 2 is getting his teeth floated.  This is happening today!  Hooray!   The vet happened to be heading out to the barn this morning and was able to work Apollo in, so I dropped off a check before I went to work.   When I had the PPE done, the first thing the vet said when he opened Apollo's mouth was "Yikes.  He needs a dental, really soon."   He didn't find really sharp hooks, but most of the back teeth were worn oddly and probably uncomfortable.

So hooray for my vet!  He's a good dentist as well as being a good vet.  The two don't always go hand in hand, so I'm pleased.

It also occurs to me that my horse (Reveille or Apollo; it applies either way) gets more frequent dental work than I do.  The more-shoes-than-I-have thing is a given, but I hadn't thought about dentals.  :)

Interesting tooth-related note from the PPE: Apollo was born without his lower right canine.  Hunh!   What a horse is doing with a canine tooth, I'll never know, but apparently they have them.   But Apollo only has three.  Kind of like some people never get wisdom teeth, or how I don't respond to a particular aikido hold called sankyo -- that nerve just isn't where it ought to be in my forearm, so I stand there and look puzzled rather than drop to the mat like most people.

Anyway, looking forward to riding tonight.   If I can -- if the vet says it's okay to ride after Apollo's dental.  He might be too sore.  In which case I'll longe him and brush him and love on him.


  1. Never reveal secret ninja weaknesses on a public forum! Who knows when that might come in handy.

    Admittedly, most horse people are more inclined to hit someone with a pitchfork than try any ninja moves, but it's the principle of the issue.

  2. TSB, I think she revealed a secret ninja strength! Can't put Rinsie down using a sankyo hold. +10 HP!

    Glad Apollo only needed minor maintenance! Can't wait for more updates! :)