Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wake-up call

Of all the thousand and one ways one doesn't want to wake up on a Saturday morning, a text saying "Are you coming to the barn?  Your horse looks really bad, worse than yesterday." is pretty high up there.

I wasn't exactly sleeping, but I wasn't fully awake either, kind of that slow stretch wakeup kind of thing.  Didn't last.   I was expecting absolute catastrophe waiting for me, leg the size of a giant pumpkin, non-weight-bearing, fever, et cetera.

Thank God it wasn't catastrophic.  Just more yellow ooze.   More than is healthy, yes, but not more than I've seen on the wound.  I am glad Kelly called me, though.  She's a pharmacist, and she was kind of alarmed by what she saw.

Anyway, first thing I did when I rolled out of bed was call the vet and get the 15-20 minute callback clock started.  Got to the barn, immediately got some Banamine going even before I looked in Apollo's stall.  Assessed wound, jammed Banamine down the poor guy's throat, and we got started with the scrubbing and the hydrotherapy.

One of the main vets called me back, rather than an intern on emergency duty.  I really, really like this particular vet -- I trust his judgment.  More, I have to say, than an intern's, even though I did like the vet who came out.  Still, Dr. Knox is someone I feel comfortable with.   I explained the issue -- still lame, still swollen, lots of yellow pus, some proud flesh, etc -- and that I'd talked with the intern on Thursday about changing the antibiotic.   After the discussion, Dr, Knox said that indeed, we ought to change the antibiotic, start giving him Banamine for a few days, and go back to wrapping him, keeping up with the hydro and walking.  Looks like he might have some cellulitis going on around the wound as well, so yay for abx.

THIS I feel comfortable with.  THIS advice feels right to me.   And, judging from how the wound looked even at 1 when I picked up the medicine and went back to dose him and hydro him, I think it's the right thing.  Apollo's looking better.   The Banamine helps him walk -- he's even tracking up! -- and the wound wasn't terribly oozy or anything this evening.

Anyway, hooray for Doxycycline!  (which, in an ironic turn, I am allergic to. I have to avoid breathing it in when I grind it.)

I think he'll heal.   :)

OH AND!   I got some pictures.  :)

Hang on while I upload.


  1. OMG I am glad it wasn't that bad. I agree that is the worst call to get. The barn owner at Gen's starts all normal calls with "Gen is fine" before she even says hello so can relate. I hope he feels better soon.

    Want a totally random Doxy tip? We put the pills in a big syringe and add some water to it and in 10 minutes it devolves and makes paste.

  2. Another tip to avoid nasty grinding: put the pills in applesauce. I usually leave them for the next feeder and we just rotate, but in 30 min to an hour, they're super soft and you can just mix them with some tasty grain and horses think they are treats. Even the picky ones. ;)