Tuesday, September 25, 2012

State of the mind.

It's true, I'm supposed to get pictures.  Especially of Apollo in his nifty new Five Star bridle.

However, I'm just not the sort to get pictures of everything.  Even the interesting stuff like horses and tack and vacations.  I'm generally just too busy doing things or experiencing the riding/vacationing/whatever to think of pulling out a camera.  Even when things are normal and calm.

When I'm busy and rather emotionally overwhelmed, doing anything but the task at hand is challenging.

Right now?  I'm busy and rather emotionally overwhelmed.  

I know horses come back from injuries amazingly well.   I know horses have come back from worse injuries than this. I know horses that have gone Advanced after worse injuries than this.  I know I'm worrying too much.  

But at the same time, it's incredibly stressful to see my horse hopping lame.   It's really distressing to see the wound not closing like I'd want it to and still oozing.   It's distressing to see the wound close to the hock ... I am terrified that an infection will set in and move into the joint capsule, at which point the game changes completely.

We're on day 5 of 7 of antibiotics, and there's still heat, swelling, and ooze.   I'll give it the full 7 days, then give the vet a call if it's not significantly better.   TW suggested that we may need to use a different antibiotic, because there have been some bugs resistant to SMZs around.

I'm trying to keep focus on the task at hand: the next bandage change, the next abx dose, the next stall cleaning, etc.  I'm trying to not look more than a day or two into the future -- which is a compromise in itself. Avoiding worry and stress completely isn't going to happen, but at least I'm trying for mitigation.  I'll say it again: I know I'm worrying too much, but I'm not sure how not to!

Meanwhile, a funny Apollo fact:   He adores rice bran.  Adores it.  He jams his face in his bucket for beet pulp/rice bran/mineral salt/hoof supplement/vitamin supplement, but I actually don't have any rice bran.  (nor money at the moment to buy any!)   So currently he gets just beet pulp/salt/hoof supplement.   He pretty much turns his nose up at it!  He ate it eventually, at some point last night, but ... he wasn't too enthused either.   Silly horse.    I'll have to get some rice bran and make baggies for him.   :)    Silly, spoiled horse.

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  1. awww I know what you mean I'm a huge worrier too, which just makes us better owners right.

    *big hugs*