Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Photographic evidence, such as it is

(Long, chatty entry one back!) For those of you wanting pictures ... the problem is not my camera or my phone.  It's my horse!  :)   He's more interested in me and in food in general than in holding still for photos.   I need someone to hold him for me to get a good photo.

Evidence of same: I tried to take photos of him in his fly sheet the other day.

Whatcha doin? Got anything in that hand for me?
Fly sheet model what?

'Zis hay?  Oooh, it is!  You don't mind, do you?


  1. It's all about the training. Maybe soon he'll get this pissy look on his face every time you pull out the camera.

    Eventually, he'll give it up. Most of the time.