Sunday, September 23, 2012

What we did today

More exciting in pictures than words.

Well, okay, a few words. :)

I discover that I hate cotton batting with the burning passion of a thousand fiery suns. It sticks, it's lumpy, it's a pain to handle, et cetera. I happen to have four too-thin-for-no-bow wraps that my mom made me many years ago, however. They're the perfect size and thickness to fold over and wrap around Apollo's thigh! No sticking, no lumpy, good tension control, clean ... Winner!

Apollo is the most adorable, best-natured filthy stall pig ever. Cleaning his stall is a pain. But it's rewarding work. :) Pony has a clean room, and flies are mitigated.

And his mane is now done. Nice and short and neat!

And? He's finally labeled correctly. Instead of being labeled Daybreak Reveille. Now he won't be confused. ;)


  1. Glad it is looking so much better! And I totally freak out vet thinks it is funny and does a great impression of me to all who ask :P

  2. The halter looks smashing on him. Glad the colors worked out. :)