Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Yknow, having TW around is a huge boon. I'm feeling way better about life, the universe, and my horse after talking to her this evening. The gist of the conversation was "here's how to do some things better, here's what you're doing okay, and quit worrying. It's not all that bad."

All things I needed to hear. I mean, I can know something intellectually but not really grasp it, not really assimilate it into my whole brain. Sometimes I need to be told in no uncertain terms by someone I trust. Like, say, TW. :)

Anyway, I'll be making some small changes to Apollo's care routine, like wrapping both hinds to handle the stocking up, using a Telfa pad to stick the antibacterial goo on, hydrotherapy, and a couple-three more doses of Banamine. Poor guy's hurting.

And I am going to quit worrying so much. A little, but not as much. :). He looked so much better after hydro and walking that I am much encouraged.

Meanwhile, I took the time for myself this evening after pony care to go work out with my trainer at the gym. We did a sort of dead lift type exercise as part of the workout. His comment on my form after the first set? "Okay, when you come forward, don't lean forward. Open your chest, flatten your back, and move your butt back. Kind of rock back on your heels, rather than put your weight in your toes."

Sound familiar?! Heh. :)

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