Friday, October 19, 2012

Ask Dr. Internet, DVM

Yep.   Feeling better + stall rest + cool weather = bouncy pony.

He was definitely feeling froggy last night.  I started out just mounting up and getting going, but I decided that he needed to get some of that energy out without having to deal with a rider, so onto the longe line he went.   Still off, but boy, even off ... can that horse MOVE.   I think we'll have fun with extended gaits.  ;)   He flicks his front feet out, even.

On the longe, I asked him to canter for the first time since he's been hurt -- four weeks yesterday -- and he was off, but he was also quite pleased to canter.  

So clearly his brain and his muscles are ready for more than his leg is.  I do think that working is the best therapy, so we'll increase the time and effort on rides.  

Of course, then I start second-guessing myself.  Again.   Am I dealing with this correctly?  Should we have an ultrasound done just to be sure we know what we're dealing with?   Should I be walking him only until the swelling around the tendon is completely gone?   I should not read COTH forum discussion about this kind of thing, because I hear everything from "it's nothing" to "OMG I only walked my horse for 2-4 months and only then did he heal!"  Dr. Internet, DVM is not very consistent.  :/      I wonder if I'm assessing his lameness as more severe than it is, or not severe enough.    TM said she wasn't worried terribly.

I think more patience is in order.  It's funny -- I'm comfortable with the path we're taking (heal the wound, controlled exercise for rehab of the leg) when I don't read about it.   When I read about things, all these various situations come up, and I can't decide whether I should worry or not.   So ... tincture of time, I think, and I'll know when to worry.


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  1. Ha! I know that feeling - "Am I doing the right thing? Am I not?" Occasionally I'll read something and have instant omigodI'mkillingmyhorses panic attacks.
    I deal with it by: ignoring most of what I read on the net (seriously) and concentrating on what I learn from local professionals and my own experiences (ie: how my horses react to whatever it is I'm doing).
    Oh and remembering that it's impossible to do things perfectly all the time and I'm constantly learning, so even if I'm doing something wrong today it's still probably better than what I was doing last year haha.