Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday, finally

The anvil labeled TIRED has landed on my head.  Long week at work, long evenings at the barn and the gym, no real time for relaxing on the weekends ... all this adds up to a very, very tired Rinsie.   However, beloved horsie still needs attention, so one more night of busy-until-bedtime it is.  

Tomorrow, though?  It'd take an act of Congress to make me set an alarm for tomorrow morning.  And seeing as how this Congress doesn't get a whole lot done, I think I'll finally catch up on some sleep.  :)

Meanwhile, I'm pondering whether I ought to just chuck Apollo back out into the pasture when he's healed, rather than have him in a pen.   Pens are quite a bit more expensive, and I can't swing it easily.   I'd have to get to work no later than 8, though, during winter hours so I could leave at 4 and make it to the barn before sunset.  

I know the rest of the world operates on dawn-time, but ... I have a hard time with that.  :/  Early mornings are really tough for me.  Really, really tough.   The question is whether $(pen board - pasture board) is worth getting up early for.   I'm leaning toward yes.   Plus, pasture is good for horses.    As long as said horses aren't getting kicked by other horses and hurt!  ;)    I'll talk with the boss tonight.

Also, in theory, we're going back to lessons as of 11/11, at 1100 hours.  :)   I say in theory because who knows what the horse gods have in store for me?   Still, we should be able to walk and trot at least, and trot over ground poles.   We can do those things already, actually, and we could probably do a lesson at that level now.  It'd have to be a shortish lesson, or at least one with lots of rest for Apollo, but still.   Maybe we'll be cantering by then.  I would think so, in three weeks.   Maybe we'll be able to do cross rails!   Gasp!

Though yknow what my unlucky number is?   Yep, you guessed it: 11.   I have no idea why, but I just don't like that number.   17 is lucky, 11 is unlucky.   17, 3, and 51, all lucky.    Ah well.  I don't think it'll affect us. Shouldn't.  Lucky numbers are superstition anyway, right?

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  1. Eventers have a bunch of superstitions, and I follow by them all! Yay for Apollo is very ready to go back out, he does not like wtaching everyone go out except him, and he lets me know every morning.