Thursday, October 4, 2012

Don't wanna ...

... sleep.   This is going to hurt in the morning.  Which has to be an early one.

However, here are the fruits of my sleeplessness.  There are two.   First:

How, then, shall I sing of you who in all ways are a worthy theme of song? For everywhere, O Phoebus, the whole range of song is fallen to you, both over the mainland that rears heifers and over the isles. All mountain-peaks and high headlands of lofty hills and rivers flowing out to the deep and beaches sloping seawards and havens of the sea are your delight.

It's a Hymn to Apollo, of course.  :)

Second, the Equaide arrived!   It's dark grey, and it looks like one of its main components is zeolite.  It's the consistency of slip -- if you've ever taken a ceramics class, you know what I mean.  If you haven't taken a ceramics class, it's the thin, fine slurry of clay and water you get when you throw clay.  The friction of your wet hands and dribbles of water suspends the clay in the water, then you slick that off your hands and use it for, basically, gluing wet clay bits together.   

Anyway, this is not a pottery blog, so I'll leave off.   I'm excited to see how the Equaide works over the next week or so!    I think that when I run out of vetwrap I'll see how he does unwrapped.   This stuff is supposed to be able to be used without a wrap, so ... yeah.   Wound looks good, pink and healthy still.  Go go gadget healing.


  1. Interesting. Glad he is healing well. Keep us posted on how the Equaide works. I haven't looked it up, so I assume it's a topical antibiotic?

    1. It's an anti-proud-flesh, antiseptic, etc. Panacea, if you believe the ads. He looked quite good this morning, actually, so I have hope!