Thursday, October 4, 2012


Well, the Equaide seems to be doing well on the wound so far.  It's weird and gray, but Apollo's leg looked good this morning.

He had, however, kicked off his bandage.  I think it's really itchy now that it's healing.  I'm hoping the bandage stays on this afternoon.  I wrapped it more tightly, so that should have done it.  I might need to abandon the quilted wrap now; we'll see.

Also, this morning Katie described Apollo's ... unique ... method of keeping himself occupied in his stall: he stands a little diagonally, with his head toward the hay net and his butt toward the milk jugs.   He leans forward enough to get a bite of hay, then leans back just enough to switch the milk jugs with his butt.

I was wondering how he was getting the tail rubs!!   :)   It's not enough to make me worry about worms, though I'll deworm him tonight, but I was really curious.   Working students for the win!

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