Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Half-chaps acquired!

Eeeexcellent.   I have half-chaps.  The FLTS had a set that I think I can work with pretty well -- the Ovation Sport suede variety.  The large fit fine through the calf, and they're tolerable in the leg.  I can pull them down over my boots, heh.  Acceptable!   And affordable, especially for the FLTS.   The base price would have been lower online, but then there's shipping costs plus time, so this is a great deal.  Instant gratification FTW!

I also picked up some interim horse-bandaging things so I can cover Apollo's leg back up before the boxes from Valley Vet get here on Thursday.  (Side note:  I love that they ship so fast and so cheap, and I adore that they do shipping tracking so quickly!   Plug for Valley Vet!)

I also grabbed a cheap bit from the consignment area.  The FLTS has this general policy where consignors can state if there's negotiation available on their item and list a price in the book that's a little lower than the tag price.  I always ask if the seller is open to offers; I always am when I consign.   Well.  When I took the bit up to the counter, I asked about it, the owner checked the book, and HMPH!  The consignor had put a note in her file saying "Don't bother calling me about offers; all prices are as listed and no negotiation."  HMPH, I say again.   I'm tempted to put a note in my own file saying if whoever that person is wants to haggle on anything I'm consigning, the price goes UP by 5%!     Well, okay, fine, there's no negotiation for her, but not a price increase.  Not like I know who it was anyway, but still.   Rude!

Last night was actually the first day in three-plus weeks I didn't go to the barn at all.  Shock!  I wasn't going to be able to make it for any significant amount of time before work, and then right after work I had to do a family thing.  My aunt and uncle were in town from Indonesia, so it's not something I could really skip.   TW said she or Katie would do the stall this once, so bless them!   :)    I can't wait to get out there tonight and see how he looks all clipped.

Gym tonight too.  My trainer said he's going to have an upper-body circuit ready to go so we don't aggravate the hip flexor.  Yay!  I was starting to feel kind of blob-like.   I really ought to figure out a way to get to the gym daily.   I could easily tack it on to the end of the day, if I manage snacks well enough; I already do work -> barn -> gym two days a week, so doing it two more days a week shouldn't be too bad. I could use some extra cardio, plus I want to get further with Zombies, Run!   I bought the Zombies, Run! Couch to 5k program, too, so that'll be way fun.  :)

And now, today's musical interlude* -- brother of my favorite folk singer** and a superb singer in his own right, Garnet Rogers, singing Small Victory.   Guaranteed to get something in the eye of any TB lover.   Song starts at 1:18 -- I tried to clip it, but apparently it doesn't work that way with embeds.  Anyway, on with the musical interlude!

*:  Well, with a horse called Apollo, it's almost mandatory to have lots of music going on around here!

**:  Stan Rogers, amazing Canadian folk singer, gone far far too soon.

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