Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Still chopping wood, carrying water

Funny thing about Apollo: he actively tries to take the bit when I go to bridle him.  :)   (Have I told you this before?)   There's no grace on having straps out of place when I get his halter around his neck, because he starts nosing around for the bit as soon as the halter comes off -- if the straps aren't ready, he tries to bridle himself with the reins!  Or the cavesson, or whatever he can find.    He wants to GO!    I have never ridden or tacked up a horse that bridles itself before.  :)

He was much sounder yesterday at the trot tracking left, quite noticeably sounder.

At the trot tracking right, he's still very off.   I think this is something we can fix with practice, so lots of going right for us.   Balance is important, but we need to strengthen up that leg.

TED recommended Granulex for the wound.   Anyone have any experience with it?


  1. welcome to the world of thoroughbreds, where most are ready to work, and that right leg going to the right is on the inside, which is when it is carrying most weight, probably the cause of more lameness:)

    1. Right, exactly! It stretches more tracking left, because he has to take a bigger step, but bears more weight tracking right. :) I am becoming a convert to thoroughbreds, completely! I <3 my OTTB. :)