Saturday, October 27, 2012

I heart weekends

Nope, still tired.  But the house is cleaner, the laundry is 80% done, and Apollo is as happy a camper as he can be.   I got to cook and eat two whole meals today, and I even got to eat at the kitchen table like a civilized human being.

I'm also in bed at 9:30 on a Saturday night.   I live the wild life, yo.  My weekends are hot.

It was nice to have plenty of time at the barn today, without feeling like I had to hurry home and get the dogs, or get to the gym, or get to the next thing.  Apollo is so mentally ready to go back OUT, and working him helps his brain so much.  And his leg.   It takes about 15-20 minutes for him to really loosen up and work out of the stall-rest and injury-stiffness, but once he does he is delighted to trot and trot and trot.   Until he gets sore.  Still, it's good to push through that some.

I've also put myself back on saddle restriction -- jump saddle only until 11/11!   I can take these two weeks and work on getting my two-point back and solid so I'm ready to go by jump lesson time.   Of course, I started this restriction the day after my personal trainer introduced me to the concentrated evil that is the stair stepper machine.  Ooof.   Sore quads plus two-point after weeks of not even using a jump saddle equals really, really sore quads!

On thinking about how I've been feeling just slammed, running from one thing to the next, it occurs to me that working 8-4 will help, for one.  For two, I really do have plenty of time five days out of seven.   I can't stay late-late during the week, but there's plenty of time.  Especially if I get there early on gym nights - I don't start with my trainer until 7:30, so 4:45 to 7 ish is lots of time.   I can probably even make more nights gym nights, which I ought to do anyway.

Anyway, yes.  Horse continues to improve.  Rider maintains Tired status.   Carry on, world.


  1. Sounds like thigh torture. Glad the pony continues to get better!

  2. I don't do stair machines! I totally hear you on the tiredness, though since I've been done with the pony I'm scaling back! With Apollo getting better you are just forging forward!