Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Survey time.

Real entry one back, if it's not showing on your list.

To make up for silence, have a survey entry.  I swiped it from L. Williams at Viva Carlos.   :)

Splurge or save: 

1. saddle: Save, but get the best you can.
2. board: Splurge, I guess.  Spend as much as you can afford; care matters.
3. halter: Save
4. bit: Save
5. bridle: Splurge, if I'm any example
6. saddle pad: Save
7. trailer: Splurge ... like the board question, get the best you can. Safety matters.
(See, this category is hard for me, because my thought on all of this is that you should spend as little as you can on the best possible items.  Find quality stuff, and find a way to save money on it.)

First thing that comes to mind: 

1. Haflinger:  Jellybean, Kylie's pony.
2. Quarter Horse: Short, brown, good-using, versatile horse.
3. Thoroughbred: Racehorses in mid-gallop.
4. Warmblood: Big, round-barreled thing.
5. Welsh Cob: Stocky, good bone, handsome animal.  The picture of the Welsh Cob in the horse breed book I have.

This or That:

1. English or Western:  English mostly, Western on the trail
2. tall or short:  I'm short.  I like horses medium.
3. trail ride or beach ride:  Trail ride
4. long mane or short mane: Short
5. hunters or jumpers: Eventers!
6. XC or barrel racing: XC
7. outdoor arena or indoor arena:  For what?  Jumping - outdoor.  Dressage - indoor.
8. trot or canter: Canter
9. canter or gallop: Gallop
10. paddock boots, tall boots, or cowboy boots: Tall boots
11. horse shoes or barefoot: Shoes
12. saddle or bareback: For what?  Mostly saddle, but I like bareback.

About you: 

1. How long have you been riding? Consistently from 8-16, inconsistently from 17-24, consistently at 24, inconsistently from 25-30, consistently from 31 to now.  So 14 years consistently.  But I'd say I only really started to learn to ride correctly when I came to this barn.   And you thought this was an easy question.
2. Do you own or lease a horse?  Own.
3. Breed? Age? Height? Name?  8 yo Thoroughbred gelding, 15.2 1/2, Apollo's Double.
4. Do you have any other pets?   2 cats and 2 corgis.
5. If your horse was a person, what kind of voice would he have (you can use a celebrity for an example)?  Hm.  He'd be friendly and laid back, but he'd have kind of a joke to him.  Kind of a teenager's voice, or a young adult's.  Taylor Lautner would work for a celebrity.
6. Does your horse have a “color”? If so, what is it, and what do you have in that color?   Royal blue and white.  My helmet cover, show pad, show boots, and lead line are all royal and white.  I have a white polo I use for xc, too -- I stitched royal chevrons to the sleeves.  Clever.  :)  Harder to see with my new vest, though, as it has shoulder pads.  My polo wraps are royal ... basically, if I can find something in royal I do.  Funny: our "official" barn colors are hunter green and black, since that's what TD rides in.  We kind of have three color groups of riders: greens, blues, and burgundies.   Green is TD and Andrea, blue is me, Katie, ME, and Bandit's mom, and burgundy is KR, TG, and I think LC.   I guess you could say LH is red, and Bandit's mom is partly red.  But I claim her for the Blue team!
7. Does your horse do any tricks?  Not that I know of.
8. Have you ever dressed your horse up for Halloween?   I dressed Reveille up once.


1. Breed?  TB, Trakehner, or Knabstrupper.
2. Discipline?  Eventing!
3. Coat color?  Leopard spotted.
4. Famous horse?  Charisma.
5. Horse race/competition?  Rolex.
6. Brand of tack?  Bridles: Five Star Tack.  Saddles: Hennig, or County.
7. Thing to do with your horse?  Play, groom, and general brush n' hug.  And jump, of course.  :)

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