Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chopping, carrying.

Apollo got shod on Tuesday evening; the farrier appointment was in place of our usual ride time.  I have to say I love my farrier.  I think I might have said this before, but it bears repeating!   He's excellent at his job, affordable, punctual, reliable, communicative, and altogether a wonderful fellow.  I feel like we're really lucky here in this area to have a handful of good farriers.   I recommend two of them wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a farrier.  :)   One's more expensive than the other, but the more expensive farrier works closely with Idaho Equine and does some higher-level work.  If that's what you need for your horse, Skip's the guy, no question.   He does all the ULHs at the barn.    Dan's more affordable and does great work, so if you're not riding at Prelim or having shoeing issues, Dan's your guy.    The fact that there's a choice between two awesome, punctual, professional farriers is SO COOL.   

So after an evening of not a whole lot, I went to ride yesterday, and poor pony was pretty darn stiff.   I'm thinking we'll have a better ride tonight, after he moved around for 40-45 minutes last night.   I'll probably not worry about the canter until tomorrow, if even then.  Depends on how pony feels.

Meanwhile, I got my Chronicle of the Horse Secret Santa assignment.  :)   I know EXACTLY what I'm getting this person!   Heh heh heh.   Or ho ho ho?

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