Saturday, November 10, 2012

Could it be?

I think my guy is feeling better. :) And my sweet horse turned into A Thoroughbred (tm) today. Fortunately, he turned back into a sweet horse fairly quickly.

I didn't get to the barn last night due to something or other I ate laying me low, so Apollo didn't get worked at all. He was anxious to Get Out! and Do Something! today, a desire he expressed quite clearly in the cross-ties. I didn't even bother wondering and just got the longe line before I got him tacked up, ready to go.

Apollo really hadn't run around on the longe yet since I got him. Been longed, yes, but raced around with his tail flagged, no. I wasn't too worried about his leg, since I started him to the left and he wasn't showing any evidence of pain or even discomfort - just energy and loving the feeling of running. He'd race around, kicking up sand clods, then spook cheerfully away from the sound the dirt made when it hit the metal walls. Then kick up more dirt. Rinse, repeat. I had to laugh - it was pretty darn funny.

After he got the squirrellies out, I hopped up. And he was quite gentlemanly. :). Really, how cool is it to ride a horse whose default mode is cooperation and obedient?? He didn't start seeming uncomfortable on the leg for quite a while, so that's a really good thing.

Of course, we'll see how his leg is in the morning, make sure he held up to the high spirits as well as I think he did, but I suspect we're almost there, almost to the end of the ordeal. I hope. Knock on wood.

We have our second or third lesson together tomorrow, too. :) Here's hoping!! And if he's doing well, he also gets to go back out to pasture tomorrow. Yay!! Crossing my fingers.

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