Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In which I edit my post to add:

In which I raise an eyebrow, slightly concerned:

Hrm.  Got out to the barn, ankle notwithstanding, got on the pony, and he was quite off.  In a new sort of way.   I kept working, thinking he'd work out of it.   20 minutes or so after I got on, I decided that it wasn't getting better and that the head-bobbing was new.

His LF was hot, though not swollen, and it had no visible injury.  It was hotter in the pastern than the cannon or the knee, and hot down to the coronet.

*wrinkles forehead*

TW said she'd give him a once-over this morning, since it's hard to pinpoint heat after a horse has worked.   I'm hoping it's nothing.  I'm hoping he's just being a horse, which does entail occasional random, unexplained off-ness.

If it's something, I'm hoping it's nothing more complicated than an abscess.   That would be a real PITA, but it'd also be a known quantity.

But let's hope it's nothing.   Especially because he was working well (other than the ouchy foot) and I was riding well last night.

EDITED TO ADD:  TW says no filling, no heat today.  There was no filling last night, no injury, so I'm somewhat unsurprised that there's no fill today ... and quite relieved.    She'll check him on the longe quickly after lunch to be sure.  Whew.  I am hoping he looks perfect on the line, too.   Yay for TW!!

In which I consider saddles I might like:

So I won't be able to buy a new jump saddle for a good while yet.   But I am considering what I might like to try when it comes time to buy.   And putting my intentions out there for the right opportunity to come along when I'm ready.  :)  A little woo-woo, but hey -- who doesn't need all the help they can get?

Anyway, I'm thinking definitely a used saddle; new ones are right out of the budget.  (Remind me to buy a lottery ticket.)   And I'm thinking Black Country or, if I can find one at my price point, County.   Another girl (woman, really; I think I shall christen her Badass, because she is) at the barn rides a monoflap Amerigo and loves it, and she's liked a monoflap Devocoux as well.   ME and LH both ride County Conquest saddles, and the saddles made an immediate and noticeable difference in their position over fences.   TD and MT ride County saddles too.   It's a strong argument.

Badass offered to let me try her Amerigo; I think I'll take her up on it when we both have some time.  I've never ridden a monoflap before, and I'd be interested in trying.   Devocoux is a possibility, but I have no idea.

Might see if I can sit in one of the Countys floating around the barn, see how they fit, how I like them, what sizes are too small or just right for my butt.

So:  The list of RIGHT OUT or at least I DO NOT LIKE THEM, SAM I AM includes:  Barnsby; Ainsley; Courbette; Wintec; probably Bates; Collegiate (sad); HDR

The list of PERHAPS BUT NOT EXCITED ABOUT IT NOR INCLINED TO TRY TOO HARD includes:  Stubben, Crosby, Circuit, probably other low-end saddles

The list of NO FRAME OF REFERENCE includes:  Prestige, Devocoux, Revere, Amerigo

The list of YES PROBABLY includes:   County, Black Country

And meanwhile:  Covet covet.  County Stabilizer, 17.5, M.  Not a bad price, either.    I might prefer a Conquest, but I don't have enough data yet.


  1. But it's so ugly... If I was dropping 2k, no way I'd spend it on that.

    Best wishes to Pollo Pony for the mystery heat to go away forever (or at least a reasonable amount of time).

    I vote yes to borrowing everything you can get your mitts on and at least sitting on them, hopefully also putting them on said pony. You can never have too much information of that sort.

    1. Ugly? I don't see the ugly! It's got gorgeous grippy leather, nice shape, and looks well-maintained even though it's obviously used. I'd prefer a darker brown, but ... enh; a County's a County, and I don't do the hunters. :) Partially because I'm as ugly as the saddle! *laugh*

      Yep, I'll try as many as I can for sure, and plop them on pony's back to see if the panel and tree shape is a match. I don't expect perfect fit, but I can get a general idea of shape and what size he'll need. Medium, I think.

      TW says he was just fine on the longe -- maybe a teeny bit on the RH (no surprise), but that's all. So WHEW.

  2. Hop the man is feeling better!

    Aye I do no envy you and your saddle hunt! I have a Frank Baines and love it :)

    1. Frank Baines? I will look them up! :)

      He's apparently doing just fine today, so I'll check him out when I get there! Yay!

  3. Attila the Hun is currently riding my Barnsby...I love it, it fits a wide range of horses ay the been. You're more than welcome to see if it fits the two of you, although its not for sale. Any particular reason you aren't a Barnsby den? I would have lovef one of dads hand me down Countys, but really like my Barnsby.

    1. Ha - I figured none of us were going to go there with the "the Hun" bit! You're awesome and terrible all at once. Don't change!

      Anyway, I tried some of your dad's barnsbys when I was shopping for the first time, and they just did not fit me at all. They fit Rev okay, but I slipped and slid around and couldn't find a place for my leg or my seat. I tried several, and they all did the same thing. Must be just a basic mismatch, I guess! So Barnsby is out, just because I can't ride it. :)

      I do covet a County, it's true. We'll see what shapes up in a couple-three months. :)

  4. *at the barn...not ay the been... Stupid smart phone.

  5. *fan.. not den. Apparently my dyslexic fingers are working overtime tonight.