Sunday, November 11, 2012


OMGiH I loff my horse!! I loff him so very much. :)

We had a very successful lesson today - only jumping tiny crossrails, but dude! Jumping! It was so nice to get back into a lesson and jump! It's been 8 weeks or so for us.

And pony was sound and cheerful through all of it. O mein Gott in Himmel, I loff that beast. :)

EDITED TO ADD: gah, how embarrassing. My sweet fellow is the kid who got kicked out of kindergarten for biting other kids. *facepalm*. I guess they can't be all perfect, but gah. My kid's the bully! And I can't exactly take him to counseling. :/ Talk about the walk of shame!!


  1. Yay for lessona nd don't feel too bad, my horse is more than a bully, he's a grade A, Asshole to other horses and sometimes people.