Thursday, November 15, 2012

I could've sworn I had words here

A few brief thoughts before sleep ...

Is there anything better when you're not feeling good than a normally-cheerful horse who's in an extra-good mood?

Clean mirrors are scarier than dirty mirrors.

Even so, Apollo's spook was easy to ride, easy to see coming, and easy to defuse the next million times past the mirror of doom.

I am pretty sure I had something else, but it's gone now. Gnight.

EDITED TO ADD: oh yeah. Why the fruitbat do I not have an electric heati pad??

And have I mentioned lately that my horse is the best? He is. Fuzzy and sweet. Except when trolling other horses.

Hey, if you haven't been over to Katie's blog, wander over: She's the working student at the barn, and she makes a mean YouTube video. And clipping stencil.


  1. Mirrors are alarming. I kind of want to show Cuna one so I can seen him whip out his goofy bambi face. :D

    1. He did fine with the Birt arena mirrors, yes? I hope Apollo copes with those okay whenever we get there.

  2. When there is a mirror, Tina wavers non stop between captivated by her own reflection and borderline terrified of her own reflection. Eventually she gets over it, but she always watches herself go by with a sort of walleye. I think she thinks she is attractive haha. We haven't had a mirror in so long, thank GOD for me. ;)

    1. For Apollo, I think it's a combination if "hey, who's that horse coming toward me?" and "OMG why is that horse not stopping??!!" And of course the horse that SUDDENLY APPEARS out of the wall on the side. That horse is up to No Good.