Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nature is gross

Guaranteed to make me want to shower.

Me: Do earthworms ever get packaged in with hay? Two days in a row I've found an earthworm in apollo's waterer. Doesn't look like a horse worm, just a regular worm

TW: Probably not an earthworm then. I would deworm him again

Me: Ugh yuck yuck yuck yuck
Me: Horror

TW: Just nature

Me: Ivermectin or pywhatever?
Me: Nature is gross

TW: Yup
TW: Ivermectin

Me: K. Blech

Yuck. I just dewormed him four weeks ago. And I clean out his waterer every day; he's a mouth-rinser.

Anyway, due to his impending tummy ache, I chose not to do much exercise-wise with him tonight. Just a bit of work, then back to the stall.

And then home to wash my hands for the third time, then shower. And never eat again. :/


  1. Ewwww!!! I wormed Henry today and I am glad after reading this ha!

    1. I know, right??? Yuck! I guess he brought extra when he came to our barn. I'll be worming him more often now! Still, four weeks after he was wormed ...good grief. :)

  2. If it helps at all, we had birds hang out on our waterers and drop the occasional worm (or other thing, like scrap of bread!) into the water. There might be a less disgusting answer! :)

  3. Once at CP's we got a horse in for training that I doubt had ever been wormed. NASTY is all I have to say about that. Cleaning it's run made me gag.

    1. Ugh! Apollo's stall isn't nasty; no evidence of worms there. Still. HORROR. I can deal with pee, poop, wounds, etc ... but I have to draw the line somewhere, and apparently worms is it.

  4. One of our ponies has a nasty tapeworm, pretty sure due to poor horsemanship/oversight of the parents but still ick..

    1. UGH. I can at least say I haven't overlooked anything, and I don't think poor horsemanship is at play here. Tapeworms, ick.

    2. Defi you are an attentive horse owner. These kids barely brush their pony after they ride and since they are both under 12 its really the parents oversight I blame.... lol