Friday, November 2, 2012

Constantly evolving plans

Pony was a little stocked up when I brought him out of his stall yesterday evening.  Not hot or sore, just stocked up in both hinds.   Understandable, but sigh-inducing nonetheless.   I went ahead and got him groomed and ready and figured that if he hadn't improved after I worked him, I'd wrap him for the night.

20-30 minutes on the longe line later, and he was back to normal.  Yay!  Not unexpected, though.  I didn't want to have to wrap him, so this was good.   He did canter on the longe last night, and he gave some very enthusiastic trot, tail up in the air.  :)  It's good to see.   He's so handsome when he gets the tail going -- not all horses are as expressive with their tails as he is, I think.  Reveille, at least, mostly expressed irritation or relaxation with her tail.  ME's gray horse expresses frustration and anxiety with his tail.   TD's Rolex horse is one that expresses all kinds of things with his tail - excitement, irritation, relaxation, interest, et cetera.   Anyway, Apollo says all kinds of stuff with his tail.  Stop poking me, yay let's do this more, I want to run, I'm interested in this, oh brush me there, I don't like the way you do that, screw you hippie ... all that.   It's pretty funny.   And very pretty when he expresses happiness and interest, with his tail arched a bit!

I'm thinking I'll start pulling out the ground poles tonight or tomorrow -- depends on how much time I have tonight before I hit the gym.   And, also inspired by L. Williams and Carlos, I think I would benefit from some no-stirrup work, especially while we're still rehabbing.  Good for me, good for Apollo.   And if we're going to do a lesson next Sunday, I should start with the ground poles.   No idea if we'll be able to do the lesson for sure -- it's kind of up to MT and TW to give a go/no-go on it if I think we're able -- but I at least want to be prepared in the event of sound-enough-ness.  

It's been kind of interesting to see how the rehab plan has evolved over time ... and to see how much time it's actually been taking.   We're six weeks out now from the original injury.   I'm not sure if I'm surprised at how quickly the wound has healed or how slowly he's coming back to sound.    I guess I can be both, seeing as they're separate issues in a lot of ways.   I don't really expect him to be fully sound in the next week or two, which puts us at 8 weeks.   Maybe at the 12 week mark, assuming all continues to go well.   Maybe pasture turnout will help him sound up faster.  I hope that's the case; if he's worse after being turned out we'll have to come up with a new plan.   But I really, really hope turnout helps significantly.  It'll certainly help his poor pony brain.  :)

Then again, I'll miss his whinny when I come in the barn door in the evening.  :)  I don't know if he whinnies only for me or if he does for Mary too -- Mary is the one who feeds him most consistently, after all -- but it's nice to hear him go HEEEEEEEY! when I come in and to answer back "Hi, pony! How're you?"   Warms the cockles of my little black heart, it does.  :)

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