Monday, November 26, 2012

Annie Underfoot

Lesson on Saturday -- we did some little grid work.  I'm still working on keeping from stepping into my stirrups just in front of the jump and on keeping a nice, positive rhythm to the jumps.  Overall, it was better than the last lesson, and I think I might remember how to ride, here soon.  :)  

I find that with Apollo I'm not concerned about the height of the jump, or even the jump at all, really ... at least, in my mind I'm not.  I would guess that MT would say, from my position and the stepping into stirrups, that I'm very focused on The Jump, instead of position and approach.   I guess what I mean is that I'm not concerned about whether Apollo is going to jump or if he's going to do something dishonest.   I know that I can think about line, position, preparation, etc.

So it was a good lesson.  Lots of work on position, heels down, patience, leg on, etc.   I'm getting better.

After MT looked at my saddle, it's official: one of the holes for the gullet screws is a bit cross-threaded.  It needs professional repair.  The piece of hardware that anchors that screw is supposed to be held down to the whole apparatus with a staple, as well ... Said staple came out.  So the right outside tree attachment is kind of floating at the moment.  Must get it fixed.   MT said it's okay to ride in for now, that the velcro will hold it together well enough to use.   He also said on the topic of a new saddle that he's a fan of using what you have and making it work.   That's certainly going to be how it is for the next while ... new-to-me saddles cost money.

So that was Saturday.

Sunday I was dressed and ready to go for my lesson.  I ran upstairs -- accompanied by my girl corgi, Annie -- to grab my inhaler case.   I came downstairs -- also accompanied by Annie.  She was excited and ready to go to The Fun Place, and she got tangled in my feet somehow.   So I slipped/fell down the last few stairs.

Ow.  Ow, ow, ow, my ankle.  Grrr.

Lesson was definitely not happening.   It's not broken, probably not even sprained badly -- but the bruise is going to be impressive.  I spent yesterday on the couch with ice and ibuprofen.  Good thing: I watched all of Downton Abbey season 2.  Bad thing:  No lesson!   I was looking forward to that second day of jump practice, since I am always better on day 2.   Hmph.    Dammit dog.

But I can't be too mad.  She's a dog.  I need to figure out how to train her to either heel or stay at the top of the stairs and let me get all the way down before she runs down.   Bad dog trainer!  Bad dog trainer!  No biscuit.

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