Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Picking up

Rightyo -- I'm ready to rejoin the world.   I think the single best gift I gave myself this winter was to just rest during my vacation from work.  I feel human again, like I can actually function and progress instead of flail at going through the motions.

I mean, yes -- I committed THE WORST SIN EVER of not riding much.   Apollo will be up when I get to the barn today, tomorrow, and for a week or so.  We're not going to be doing as well as we would if I'd ridden every day.   But yknow, that's okay.   I am okay with it.   I was just reading back through my most recent posts, and the main theme of them was "I don't feel good and I'm tired."  Wow.  Yep, I was burned out.  Not so much on horses or riding, but more on work and life and everything that goes into supporting a horse and riding.   Looking back on my posts, sleep was what I needed, more than I knew.  I'm thinking of making a habit of taking a few days off every couple of months just to prevent burnout and catch up on sleep.

Depending on finances, I'm going to get this train back on track with lessons again.  :)  I think starting with a flat lesson or two would be a good idea, to help work out some of the issues I'm having (left shoulder argh!) and get that part of things rolling again.  Then back to jump lessons.

And maybe we'll make it to the February or March schooling show.  ;)   One thing I'd like to do this spring and summer is actually ride in the test of choice nights rather than scribe only.   Apollo's dressage is quite good, and I'd like to take advantage of and improve that.   I feel pretty lucky to have a horse who's the complete package -- dressage and jumping and personality.   We need mileage, but we can totally do that.  :)

Things I'm planning to do in 2013 include:

* Ride in as many of the TOC nights as I can
* Complete the home derby
* Complete the Rafter K derby
* Participate in as many cross-country schools as possible

And if everything goes well, make a foray out to Golden Spike for Intro.  :)    I think I can totally do that with this horse.

But most of all, my goal is to enjoy riding my sweet horse.  Not pressure myself.  Just love riding and my horse.   Hang out with the awesome barn people.   Learn.  Laugh.  And have a good time.  *nodnod*


  1. I started lessons again last week. I am going to try and learn to ride!

    1. I happen to know that you can ride rather damn well, actually. :)

    2. I ride....although I don't know that MT would agree with you on the "well" part...but I am going to learn.

    3. Heh. Well, you can ride a pony horse like nobody else. So it's just gaining new skills. I have faith.

      I ride on Sunday at 11 with MR!

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  3. Sounds like fun! Glad the break worked for you. :)

  4. Good job taking a horse break! It is good to take some chill time once in awhile!!

  5. I think you'll be able to do it all!