Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Grit your teeth and keep going

Kind of a frustrating, meh ride last night.  We got where we needed to get and had some good work, but we just weren't clicking at all.  He wasn't real interested in the 'move forward into the contact' concept.  Bay giraffe at any gait other than walk was okay with him, though. *grrr*

I realize that no matter how many people think I should be going to the little jumping shows, I don't feel ready.  For one, we haven't had many lessons lately because finances are the debbil.  For two, Apollo didn't much like getting galloped past last night.  It's very good for Apollo to be working with other horses, because he went "eeeeep!  RUN!" when Brego came up behind and past him.  No big deal: he didn't bolt or anything, but he still wanted to.  He wasn't connected to me well enough last night to notice and then ignore.  So until I feel like we can handle a crazy warmup arena without getting spun up like a turbine, I don't think going to the NWWJS is a good idea, what with all the chaos in the warmup (more than at a regular show) and the mirrors on one side of the arena.  Sure, we could do ground poles, cross-rails, or 2'.  It's not the jumping I'm concerned about.  It's everything before and in between.   No need to have a bad experience.

Also -- heh; it seems like when I really want to have a dressage ride with lots of free space for figures, there are standards and poles out in the arena.  When I feel like riding in my jump saddle and practicing poles, the arena is clear and blank.   Poles are easy to get out and set up, though.

Hoping for more clear space tonight.  I'll check before I tack up. If the standards and poles are still out, I'll just plan to do that.  If not, I'll go with the dressage ride.  Either way, it's one of those days when I need to push myself into getting out there; I am in that "I don't feel good and I have things to do at home" place.

Meanwhile, it's cold.  Really cold.  I do not approve.

And I hope Apollo's doing okay in the pasture still.  There weren't any shenanigans yesterday, but that was yesterday.  And he didn't have a full day in the pasture, so ... we'll see.

Honestly, I think I'm just having a bad day.  It happens.


  1. I cannot even imagine how cold it is there, because its cold to me here, but I'm a californian therefore I really don't know what cold is.

    Don't listen to the noise, listen to your gut. If you don't feel ready don't feel pressured to go.

    1. Thanks -- honestly, if I were to ask my teacher, the person whose opinion I trust the most, he'd say "you could, but I don't think it's a good idea" too. I feel pressured, but I'm also pretty impervious to that kind of pressure. :)

      And the weather channel says it's 35 degrees right now, feeling like 26. I think it feels way colder! Honestly, I think it's just me. It's supposed to get up to 40 tomorrow through Saturday, then the high 30s starting Sunday. Not terrible, but not fun either.

  2. Keep your head up girl and I agree with L... go with your gut! Horse shows are way to much time and money to do for anyone but yourself :)