Thursday, December 6, 2012

Zzzz ...

There is not enough coffee in the world right now to shake me out of the sleepies.   Adrenaline might do it, but really, who wants a disaster?  Or a freaking giant needle?    No, what I really need is a good long nap.  Unfortunately, that isn't going to happen.  Finish work, go to barn, take care of dogs, maybe even eat dinner, THEN sleep.   Then get up again tomorrow morning to be at work on time, then work, then barn, then gym, then take care of dogs, maybe even eat dinner, THEN sleep in!  

(Getting up, walking around, and then wiggling around in my cube helped.  Yet another reason why I wish I worked at home: so I could do some exercise when I get tired like this and not worry about looking the fool in the office.)

I *did* have a good ride last night, though.  Apollo was listening, and I had some success with maintaining the canter.  The trick seems to be swinging my hips very clearly and, to the right, using a strong outside leg to keep him on the track.   We also got some good left bend, working on keeping his shoulders in front of my hips and asking him to push from behind.

We still need more push in the trot and better maintenance of the canter, but I think just this week we've had progress.

The OTHER thing we need?   Freakin' Miracle Groom, or maybe just Nature's Miracle.  That horse sleeps in his pee spot in his stall.  UGH.  I love him and I totally want to hug his neck, but he's smelly.  The wash stall isn't an option ... so I'll have to give him a sort of sponge bath.   Yuck, yuck, yuck, and ugh.   At least he's not grey!!   So yeah.  Must remember to take towels to the barn to deal with the grossness.


  1. My pony is super gross too. We're talking afraid-to-pet-him gross. And since I ride at night when it's dark and cold, I can only bathe on weekends and if its not raining. So, I've been "dry-bathing" him by (a) light currying, (b) squirting on green-spot remover, and using a rag or epona scrubby towel to get the grossness off.

  2. Oh man I feel the same way lately about the sleepies.

  3. ugh I feel you about the dirty horse! I feel bad for Henry that I can't give him a shower after I ride- he's always so sweaty and dried sweat can't feel good (no matter how much i groom i know there is still stuff there). And the mud and poop and pee don't help either ha!

    Hope you can get some sleep and some more good rides!! :)