Monday, December 17, 2012

More saddle pondering

(Another entry before this if you missed it.)

So like the Sprinkler Bandit, I too obsessively tack-shop when I'm broke.   And I am definitely shopping for my future saddle.   I got the Collegiate back from the FLTS, all fixed and with the red medium-wide gullet installed.  It needs a good cleaning and conditioning, which I will probably get to this weekend.  But other than that, I think it'll work okay until I save up some money.  I think.  I'll see if MT or TD will look at it with the new gullet in, see what they say.  I'm a little concerned that it rolls with the wider gullet -- either it rolls or I didn't tighten my girth enough on Friday, because it slid a bit when I dismounted.  That latter is possible.

ANYway.  The problem with this obsessive saddle shopping is that I'm not entirely sure WHAT I'm looking for.  I think a Black Country or a County.  Or maybe a Devoucoux.  Or maybe a Prestige.   I don't think a Stubben.

And I'm not a thousand percent sure what size Apollo wears or fits me best.  17.5?  18?  18.5?  I don't know.  Shorter flaps are definitely better for my short little legs, but those are a bit hard to come by used.

So I'm thinking I ought to get a professional fitter involved.

But ...  The only fitters I can think of around here are affiliated with specific saddle brands.  I wouldn't mind talking to the County fitter, but would she recommend a Black Country?   The other fitter is pretty loyal to her brand.   Is it worth it to send a tracing to Trumbull Mtn?  I kind of suspect yes, because they'll be open to recommending various brands, but then again, the idea of fit-via-internet is a little scary.

I guess my criteria are pretty simple:  1.  In my price range   2.  Fits Apollo   3.  Fits me   4. Appropriate for cross-country and showjumping   5. In good shape; serviceable   6. Makes me feel secure.

And I guess my path is ... uh ... clear?    1.  Figure out what I'm looking for   2. Save at least $1000    3.  Sell Collegiate jump saddle   4. Find the best deal available on the saddle I'm looking for   5.  Buy saddle.

It's that #1 that's the doozy.  :/   I'm skipping to step 2 for now.   Step 1 is, like, hard and stuff.  :/

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  1. Saddle shopping out here is petty much impossible. Any chance you can borrow and try from barnmates? It really is helpful. I ride one of the horses in a Butet, which I enjoy, but I stuck it on Cuna one day and it's a total no go. Now I know.