Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mid-January already

I've discovered the freezing point of my motivation.  It happened last Sunday, when I completely overslept and missed my lesson, which I'd been looking forward to.   Seriously, it's been a week of highs in the mid to low 20s and lows in the single digits.  Around the 9th we had a glorious, warm day: 46 degrees!   But before that, we'd had a week of highs in the mid to low 20s and lows in the single digits.

Too.  Cold.

I had to go buy new thermals because the ones I have, light or silk weight, just don't stand up to this cold.  Even after a lesson my legs would be so chilled I could feel my cold skin through my winter britches and thermals.   So now I have Seriously Warm bottoms and a midweight top.  This will help a LOT with motivation.   I also picked up a new wool hat.  :)  It's pink and grey and tan.  I got tired of looking at myself in the barn bathroom mirror and realizing that I was wearing all black to the barn.  Again.   It's not deliberate, I swear!  I'd rather have tan britches any day, but the ones that are warmest (and were on sale when I bought them) are black.  My FITS are black, espresso brown, or blue -- it's just what was most affordable and available at the time.   My fleece jacket is black, but it was the one that was on consignment and $10.  :)

So obviously, price trumps color for me.   Except for crazy colors, like lime green or whatever.  I don't wear those colors even if the outfit is $1.   I do not need to look like a diseased kiwi, thank you.

ANYway.  Yes.  Warm clothes for barn.  Desperately needed.    I am so, SO over this cold weather, I can't even tell you.   I'm sure Apollo is over this weather too.  Blech.


  1. Last night my hands hurt and I couldn't feel my fingers... ugh! I had to stop and move them around to try and gain some feeling back... seriously is it summer yet?!

  2. 0.o Yikes at the cold. Lows in the single digits? How does one even function. Lol @ diseased kiwi.

  3. Unfortunately, I have nothing witty to say because being that cold flat out sucks. Hoping some warmer weather blows your way...;)

  4. It is too cold. We've had lows below zero out in Eagle. Ick.

    In a completely unprecedented move for me, I only go to the barn if I'm working. It is too cold to pat Cuna's nose.