Friday, January 25, 2013

Weather change!

It's warm again!! 36! Warm enough to ride!

Of course, Wednesday I realized that my usual level of respiratory crap was ramping up quickly. No problem, thought I, it's just starting to develop into bronchitis. I didn't feel all that terrible, really, so no worries. There was an ice storm predicted for that night so I figured I'd hit the minor emergency clinic, get some meds, and be on my way.

However, when the doc came in and heard what I had to say, he went to listen to my heart. Wasn't even starting with my lungs. He stood up, pulled the stethoscope away, looked startled, and said "oh my gosh!" Heh. Um, oops? I guess I wasn't alarmed enough by the wheezing - apparently what I read as usual crap devolving into bronchitis is bronchitis starting to settle into pneumonia.

I got out without having to have a chest x-ray or shots of antibiotics or steroids, but I did leave with weapons-grade drugs: abx, prednisone tabs, and weird cough medicine that works crazy well. And a stern admonition to rest, stay indoors, and come back at the slightest hint of fever or worse trouble breathing.

Hrrrumph. If I feel better tomorrow, I am going to go play with my horse. It's warm!! WARM!!