Thursday, January 10, 2013

My dog has no nose*

It is SO snowy out there.

How snowy is it?



In all seriousness, it's so snowy that TD texted everybody who usually comes out to ride in the evenings to say that she does not recommend coming out to the barn tonight -- there are 3 foot drifts behind the barn and lots of ice.

That's pretty dang snowy.  For any of the T family to say "ah, no, don't come out and ride" is srs bsns.**

* My dog has no nose.
   Really?  How does he smell?

** Serious business.  Much more dramatic in txt.


  1. Your snow is worse than our snow. Wretched weather.

    Summer soon, yes?

  2. Both of you- come to CA! It's cold but no snow :)

    1. Seriously tempting! It's just expensive, too, which is the main problem.

  3. I'm floored by your snow. How can you drive around with snow like that, let alone ride and such?? Craziness.

    1. Well, the main roads are plowed, chemically de-iced, or sanded if there's enough snow. The side or smaller roads sometimes get packed down in places and icy, but it's generally not too terrible. Mostly you drive slowly, don't accelerate or brake or turn too fast, and you're okay. Snow tires help too.

      As for riding, my barn has a covered arena, so that's awesome. :) They use te tractor to scrape as much snow away from the parking area and paths to the pastures as possible. Horses are fuzzy and have blankets. :)

      And to be fair, this is an unusual amount of snow for us. We get some every year, but this has been a noticeably snowy winter!