Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy day.

Thing one:  SO EXCITED GET TO RIDE TONIGHT GET TO PLAY WITH PONY YAY!   Even if it's just groom mud off and longe, I'm still excited.


Thing two:  Inspired by Checkmark115's entry about Jimmy Wofford's comments about the "cruising position" some BNTs have encouraged ...  I'm more than a little baffled.   I mean, I knew it was a thing being discussed in circles other than my own.  I knew there was debate about it.   I didn't figure it would last, because really: allowing rider joints to move in the classic galloping position is kind of obvious.  A dynamic position with the hip and knee joints mobile allows energy to be absorbed and dispersed, allows balance to shift as needed, and uses the least active energy from the rider.  

It seems really obvious to me.  Then again, I am a smurf for sure.  Less than a smurf.  I don't know my butt from a hole in the ground, I suspect.  

It occurs to me that MT and TD, etc, have never even mentioned it.  Not just not taught it but not even mentioned it.  I guess I could ask about it, but I can predict the answer: "Why would you want to do something like that?"   And if I could draw, I'd draw the exact expressions MT, TW, TD, etc would have on their faces.

Anyway, as usual, I think Jimmy Wofford's right.  And MT, TW, TD, TED, etc, who would probably chorus their agreement.  

Fads.   Hmph.  :)


  1. Big Name Trainer. And if I were to ask about the "cruising" position, knees and hips straight, hands deep into the crest ... Very unstable, to my mind. Gary would shake his head and look incredulous, Brenda would get that smile and say "so why would you do that?! You'd fall off!" And then explain why. And I'd agree. :)