Monday, January 7, 2013


Well, the weekend was a mix of productivity and complete chaos.   

Saturday was productive, albeit cut a bit short.  I thought the last lesson of the day ended at 3, so I headed out a little before 3.  Turns out there was a lesson at 4:30, but that still left me enough time to longe and ride.  Apollo was pretty good, actually!  Not wonderful, but I was pleased with what I remembered to do (relax!) and what that got from him (relax.).   When the 4:30 group got there, I hopped off, got Apollo squared away, and then hung out to watch the jumping lesson.   Lots to learn from any lesson!

Anyway, looking forward to getting on tonight.  :)  Apollo's coming back to himself, and so am I, so this is getting easier and easier!

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