Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just keep swimming swimming swimming

Life proceeds apace!   We had good rides this weekend, for the most part.  We jumped in the indoor arena because of the crazy rain we've gotten around here lately, so it was turns, turns, and more turns.   We had a one-stride grid of three fences set up.  Once we'd gotten through the grid a few times successfully, MT had us come through the grid, then take each fence at an angle.   So from the left, it was through the grid, turn left, come around to the first vertical on an angle, turn left quickly and in balance, come to the middle vertical on an angle, turn left, come to the last vertical, etc.   Sounds tricky, no?  It was.  I am frequently amazed at how hard we have to work at things that should come naturally.  Like, say, turning your head.  Sigh.  :)

Getting Reveille to keep coming ON to jumps continues to be an issue.  I am still figuring out how to get that going.  I feel like a lot of it -- if not all of it -- is my doing, in my hands, position, or approach, and I also feel like we're getting better ...   But not *enough* better.  It's our current bete noire.   So I'll have to figure out how to A) get out of her way and encourage her forward and B) remind myself to SMACK HER.   One of my lesson partners had this sort of issue this winter, and after a few good wallops, her horse smartened up right quick.  I'll have to take her example!

It was with great, overdramatized sadness that I took my Davis splint boots to the tack shop to sell on consignment yesterday.  After a scrape on one hind leg, a nick on one front coronet, and a rubbed spot on the other hind leg, TW gave me some boot-and-wrap pointers.  Among them was that the Davis boots are probably rubbing Rev's legs.  Even if I thought the scrape and nick were from pasture shenanigans, she said, the boots probably started the scrape and the rubbed spot.  She recommended some basic neoprene brushing boots, like Woofs or Nunn Finers.  I went "but-but-but I love my Davis boots!", then took her advice.  Ignoring TW's advice is generally pretty foolish; experience + intelligence + information = someone to listen to.

Plus, who cares what I like if it makes Reveille uncomfortable?!   Priorities, right?!

After a bunch of internet research, I decided that the Nunn Finer boots were the ones I wanted, but that the Woof boots were acceptable.  In the end, I went with instant gratification (and instant availability of schooling boots) and acceptable boots instead of waiting and paying for shipping for more acceptable boots.   I often scoff at people who are immensely picky about colors -- this does not mean you, TSB! :) -- but I have to admit that I really, really prefer white boots on Rev.    Alas, the only Woof boots in medium were either black with elastic in colors I don't like at all (like lime or teal) or just plain black.   Very well.  Plain black it is.   I'll get some white Nunn Finers for later.

Anyway.  So tonight it's off to the barn to play with the new boots.  Tonight's plan is a dressage ride in draws.    Tomorrow is the first Wednesday Conditioning Night.   I hope the track is okay for trotting on tomorrow.   MT suggested intervals of 10 minutes trot, 3 minutes walk.  Should be doable; I'll certainly start there and modify if I have to.  I plan to repeat the set three times and to condition once a week.  That puts us at two dressage rides, one conditioning ride, and two jump rides in a week, in general and at optimum.    Plus my new-again gym regimen.  (which is different from a regime or a regiment. learn it love it.)  

Go get 'em, slugger.


  1. :-p Always disliked those Davis boots. Now we match.

    And I am immensely picky about colors, so you might as well have meant me. ;-)

    Conditioning is fun-ish. Do you have to trot the whole time? Oh! I have an idea. See how much of the 10 minutes you can do in 2 point.

    At the end of the month, CONTEST!!! We'll see which of us can hold it longer. I did 6 minutes the other day, but then I got bored and quit. Maybe a competition will help me focus.

    1. I love love love those boots. I'm still a little sad. :/ But the stiff PVC on the outside was causing problems, so out they went.

      Yes, it's trot only on the track -- barn rules for good reasons. :) If I want to canter, it'll be in the arena. I plan to switch between two-point and posting and settled (three-point, I guess?) for the trot segments.

      I don't know nothin' bout runnin' no contests, Miss Aimee. ;) Maybe compare improvement from first ride to last?

  2. Hello, glad to hear the conditioning is starting as you will need it for GS. I also Fixed all of the flags on the track today, so if your going to the LEFT, which is the only way the meters are correct, the first one is novice speed second training and the third is preliminary, just a little FYI, my horse was exseptionally amazing today so hopefully that will rub off onto your pony as well:) have fun:) P.S i also love my colors lol:)

    1. Good deal -- thank you for resetting them!! I am really interested to see how it goes this evening, what our baseline is to start from.

      And yay for Owl -- what an awesome guy he is, for sure. :)

      I love my colors too, but I'm not quite as picky as some I've known ... heh.