Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two things, one exciting and one amusing

Thing the First: I will be all vested soon!   I pulled the trigger on an Airowear Outlyne vest.    I decided to go for just the black and gray version rather than ordering custom cross country colors, just to save a few shekels and several weeks' worth of shipping time.  Royal and white would have been nice, but an extra $60 and four to eight weeks extra processing time didn't seem reasonable.  I'm really excited -- finally, a vest that'll fit!   I was able to order the  exact size and length that I need.  (What's more, I didn't have to order anywhere near the largest size -- this makes me disproportionately and unreasonably happy, to tell you the truth.  After trying on a RaceSafe, I almost got discouraged.)  

I also got the shoulder protection, because after breaking each collarbone (only one in a horse-related accident, I swear!) and tearing the cartilage in my right shoulder (possibly left too, but I'm staunchly ignoring that), I just don't have any shoulder left to injure!  

Anyway, so far I would recommend Amira Equi Ltd. for their wide variety of options and the fact that VAT is waived when shipping to non-E.U. countries.  That might be an all-UK policy, but whatever the case, it's helpful.  Shipping's expensive enough as is. 

Now the timer can start counting down on Mail Watch!

Thing the Second:  This is actually the amusing one.  So when I was something like eight years old and first learning to ride, at Westbridge Equestrian in Austin, TX, I made some really bad cartoons.  They were of horses saying little things that my teacher told me, kind of my attempt at the goofy cartoon posters you see in elementary schools or other kid-targeted things.  You know the sort, the Motivating Slogan! posters, or Friendly Reminder! things.   I think my art skills haven't progressed much since then, to tell you the truth.

ANYway ... the one that I remember the most clearly is the horse that was holding up a hoof, grinning, and saying "Eyes UP!   Heels DOWN!"   It had arrows in bright red for UP and DOWN.

I don't recall if that was something my teacher at the time told me a lot, but it was apparently something I thought I should remember.

I DO know that ... now?  MT tells me that a lot.

Maybe I should pick up cartooning again, go for the laughs ...

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  1. Hooray vests! I look forward to seeing it in action.