Monday, April 9, 2012

tl;dr, I know. Again. :)

Ah. Yes. Right. A friend reminded me that I haven't been updating lately. It's true; I haven't. That doesn't, however, mean I haven't been riding or anything! :)

Mostly we've been working on dressage; specifically, improving Rev's connection through the left rein. This involves lots of flexing left, flexing right, straightening her neck, spiralling in and out, and leg yields. I haven't been working so much in draws lately, but I did last Friday, and Rev was lovely. We've managed to get some acceptable leg yields in the trot now, which is an improvement.

We're riding Beginner Novice Test A in the Test of Choice night on Wednesday evening, assuming the weather allows the thing to go off at all ... in an Idaho spring, this isn't a sure bet. But we'll be preparing tonight and tomorrow anyway.

As far as jumping goes, we haven't had much opportunity to practice lately for various reasons. But we finally did get back into Free Jump Friday and jump lessons this last weekend, whee! FJF saw MT focusing on Rev not sucking back in front of fences, which she was able to achieve. (As an aside, I adore watching her jump things I consider e-freaking-normous, like 3'6 - 3'9. *grin*)

Jump lesson this Saturday and my own ride on Sunday focused on cross-country skills. Not cross-country jumps, but the skills for doing it well. Galloping, allowing a forward and steady gallop, the rebalancing half-halt in preparation for a jump, stride adjustability, and rider position. These are all new skills to me and my lesson mates! Not that we're unfamiliar with the concepts, but we've never focused on this stuff in this particular way in lessons before. It was really instructive, actually. I'm learning to not worry so much about Going Fast(tm) and still -- always! -- learning how best to get Rev to jumps. We had some good jumps on Saturday, some not so good, but overall a successful lesson.

Sunday was just all about the galloping and the position, sans jumps. By the time we were done, we were both Done. Sweaty and tired. (Note to self: CARDIO.) I felt like I made progress in getting comfortable at a gallop and in my position, but after Wednesday, the next thing to add into the mental list is to keep a steady, rhythmic pace.

Anyway. In other news, I think a RP vest is in my future after all! Soon, I hope. I do think I'll need to borrow back the vest I sold to the Sprinkler Bandit for this coming weekend, but ... soon.

I did take a bunch of stuff to the FLTS to sell on consignment. I'm debating taking my show coat and selling it too, then using the money from all of the stuff to get a new coat, one that'll fit well instead of meh. I know which one I want -- a cheapie, but tailoring makes all the difference -- and I think I can swing it pretty easily around the first of May or when I get the consignment money.

Yeah, I think that settles it. Sell the old coat, get a new one and get it tailored. *nodnod* That was easy, yeah?

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  1. I'm so excited that you're having a show season!! As long as we twain can keep our jaws intact and attached, we should be set.