Saturday, March 31, 2012



Actually, Reveille wasn't buckskin with all the mud, but there was some mud. She definitely looked scraggly and like she needed a good shedding out, though. Sweaty, too, just from standing there in the lovely sun we had this morning.

After a pass with the metal curry, a good scrubbing with the Epona Shed Flower (EXCELLENT use of $6, incidentally), a workover with the Slick'n'Easy block, and a final pass with a body brush, I got a basketball-sized ball of hair off her. She absolutely adored all the attention. :) She now looks like a horse someone cares about, instead of a yak.

Didn't ride, because no one was at the barn by the time I'd finished with Quality Time, and it seemed ... unwise. But she got lots of attention and running around, and it was good.

It came from the pasture unrecognizable, unspeakable, and horrific!

It went back to the pasture an adorable bay mare. :) Cutest mare ever.


  1. Shedding season is not always the best time ever. Clipped horses FTW! ;-) Lesson tomorrow?

  2. Nope, everyone's at Galway. And I don't mind the shedding, though I am definitely thinking some kind of clip next year. Blanket clip, maybe, and a bit of a trace on her neck.