Friday, March 16, 2012


The jury is OUT on the KanTeq body protector. I had a lovely chat with the owner, Wendy, and talked about sizing. Since I'm short-round, they don't have a vest right off that will fit, she thinks, at least not with complete confidence in its safety and BETA rating. She's going to look into it, though, and should get back to me in two weeks or so. I'm excited to hear what she finds out. I'm hopeful we can sort it out.

The jury is OUT on the Rodney Powell body protector. The contact at WEFI said she has no idea when the vests will be available, as they're still deciding what vests to make in the first place. I have to say ... Wendy at KanTeq is much nicer and more helpful than this person at WEFI. Makes me more inclined to go with Kan than RP if I can.

The jury is IN on a crop. I went ahead, bit the bullet, and ordered one from SmartPak. *nodnod* It'll be nice to have a decent one. I love my dressage whip, but ... yeah.

The jury is IN on my little mare: she's awesome. :) Free Jump Friday went really well again -- she's a good little jumper. Powerful and economical. MT was very pleased with her, and so was I. After last night's MEAN HORSE MOM ride -- first I groomed her and let her bliss out, and then I made her WORK! Do HARD THINGS! Like leg yield to the right! -- I was glad she got to run around and enjoy herself over jumps.

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