Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quotidian minutiae

Yep, Rev's leg is fine. She was still a bit puffy and hot when I got there last night, but scrubbing and riding had her back to normal. She wasn't off at all last night either. So a blob of Furazone and I feel completely comfortable.

Asthma attack in the saddle, though, curtailed my ride last night. I was pretty freaked out afterward, and I decided that staying on wasn't in my best interest, especially when the other two ladies were leaving about the same time. I didn't want to be out there alone when I knew I was having issues. A wise decision, I think ... especially since it seems to have cut my brain loose at the same time. I was almost out the barn door with Rev to put her back when our lesson partner pointed out that I had failed to buckle up the belly straps on her blanket. 0.o Eeek. So Rev got a light workout and got to go back out.

I'm not currently planning to go out to the barn tonight, but that plan could change based on time here at work and the weather. It's supposed to be gorgeous, so ... :) Plus, I'd like to make up for yesterday's ride cut short.

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  1. It is amazing out. RIDE!! You'll be happy you did when it's even more gorgeous tomorrow.