Wednesday, March 7, 2012


My timing is SO BAD! I decided that I'm going to go ahead and just order the Rodney Powell protective vest I want when I get paid next week. I got all the measurements but one (the one that requires the saddle, heh), and I was checking around on prices ... only to discover that the company is changing manufacturers, and I won't be able to order the vest! Argh!! At least, I don't think I can. It's certain that I can't as of today. Maybe by the 15th? No idea how long it'll take to get the new manufacturer up and running.

The other concern is whether I'll be safe, whether I'll be getting a quality product, if I order one of the first ones from the new manufacturer. Of course RP will assure me that the vests will be top quality, etc, but we all know that manufacturing problems creep into things, especially with a new process/factory/etc. before all the kinks are worked out. I'm skeptical, but I'm willing to go for it because I think the RP vest is the best choice for me, safety-wise and cut-wise. They have shoulder protection available, they're certified to BETA 3, and they have a version that's better for the curvy rider. Plus, they have awesome colors. That's the last consideration, though.

I have found exactly one (1) online retailer in Canada who still has some in stock; they've said "give us your measurements and we'll see if we have your size!"

Heh. I'll take them up on it, but I'm not holding my breath that they have my size in stock. I'm short-round. We'll see. They're also the most expensive of all the options I've seen online, so I might be more inclined to wait.

But if I wait, how long will I have to wait?! I need a vest for XC schooling soon!! ACK THE UNCERTAINTY. I am holding out for the RP, though, for sure.

What I'm planning on is this: RP Pro. I'm thinking Layout 1 with the main color being royal blue (purple in the example) and the secondary color being white (black in the example). Then I'll put white chevrons on the shoulder pads myself when it gets here. :) Anyone want to talk me out of white?

IN OTHER NEWS ... Rev has a cut just above her LH fetlock. It was a bit swollen and hot last night when I went to ride, but she wasn't off at all when I checked on the longe line. She wasn't off under saddle either, and the swelling and tenderness had gone way down after I booted her up and rode. We'll see how she is tonight after the exercise. I doubt it's anything major, but ... I worry. If she's off, I'll put a sweat on it; I should be able to cold hose, but I don't know. I'll check with TW if I need to. At the very least I'll scrub and Furazone it again. *nodnod*

She was definitely not off when we rode, though! She was quite good. She's funny -- she knows when I have the draws on. Even if they're loose, she rounds up when I have them on. I'm thinking a few rides with, a ride or two without, lather, rinse, repeat for the next months.

IN OTHER OTHER NEWS ... The roller coaster ride labeled 2012 Show Season is clicking upward and will be letting go toward the end of the month. I've officially volunteered to scribe and jump judge at Twin Rivers and to run the silent auction at the Idaho Dressage Festival. *eeeek* I'm thrilled about Twin, anxious about the IDF. It'll be fun, though. :)

First TOC night is, in theory, in about a month. Whee!

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  1. You can borrow your old one back if you need a temporary fix as long as we don't need it the same weekend in different states.