Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Well. I think that a flu shot might have been the reason why this bout of flu didn't last very long and wasn't hugely serious -- thank goodness!

I missed a gorgeous weekend to ride, though, so boo to that. However, I'm feeling better now and am looking forward to riding tonight, cold or no cold!!

Reveille's been joining in the Free Jump Fridays at the barn, which has been really cool to watch. She went from not being able to figure out the striding -- 23 feet from first to second, 25 feet from second to third -- at first to being smooth, athletic, and efficient in her second week's run. She went from crashing through 3'3 to clearing, I think, 3'6 easily. I was really impressed with my clever little mare! My goal for her through this is for her to learn how to really keep herself in balance and even through the jumps so that it's easier for her to jump with a rider. Of course, this means I have to get better with her. ;) I think I can commit to that.

I was just looking over the show season I'm planning, and OMG I need to get my [butt] in gear! And Rev's. Heh. I was about to freak out over the fact that Golden Spike is earlier than I was planning -- June 22-24, rather than July as I thought -- but then I saw that they have an Intro division. And all that freakout went away. If we're not ready for BN, which is a possibility, we'll sure be ready for Intro. I think I might want a season at Intro, just to have a successful season, yknow? Last year I was going to go Intro, but crap happened, and I pulled out. So we'll see what I'm ready for this year. We'll see what MT says and how we do.

Meanwhile, I'm excited about the next Twin Rivers -- I'm going to go and volunteer as well as help a friend with her two horses. :) I'd thought I would hit the vendor's walk there to get a body protector, but I realized that it's going to be far too late for me to get a vest before we start schooling XC. So I'll order the vest in a week or so when I get paid, and I'll have it by the time we start schooling. Very much looking forward to it!!

So yes. Motivation found. Flu gone. Ready to get on with it!

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