Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quickly, because I am working and have to get back to it:

I went out and got my butt in the saddle on Tuesday. Just WTC both directions, get Rev to stretch down, lots of brush'n'hug, and yknow, it felt really good. Unsurprisingly. It felt awesome to be riding just to ride. And it was great to see people at the barn, too.

Yesterday was awful windy, and I had dinner plans with a friend, so I did that instead of ride. I can forgive this -- the time with my friend was priceless and seems to have been the final nail in the coffin for this depressive period. :)

Today I happened to stumble across my motivation while I was bopping down the road of the day. Thank God. :) I am feeling good, healthier, and like I've climbed back onto the balance beam successfully. So I'm really, really looking forward to riding tonight. Gonna have to improvise on the footwear, though, because the Bogs I have just don't fit right, and I'm already nursing various blisters and tears on my heels/ankles. Might hafta get my riding boots muddy. Anyway, be that as it may, I plan to ride sans draw reins tonight, focusing on soft hands and elbows and steady contact to bring Rev down and round. We'll put the draws back on this weekend, once we've both done a few more things a few more days in a row. When we're ready to WORK. This ride and Friday's free jump runs will be work.

Rock on -- I'm ready for this now. Whew!!

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